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Medtravel Romania is more than facilitating the connection between patients and the best specialists for their medical needs. It also offers a fresh and efficient approach to the whole concept of international medical tourism, with focus on a personalized solution and an active support team.


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Marketing & Public Relations

Oana is a young professional highly specialized in marketing, communication and project management. Her passion and dedication brings up the best organizational and communication skills. She comes from a family of doctors, that’s why she is so used to dedicating her time and efforts to helping patients. She always delivers.


Operations Manager

Tina is focusing on delivering the best experience when it comes to services. She manages the implementation and coordinating actions so that you can get access to the best medical care.


Medical Manager

Iovan Ioanid, a well accomplished professional with a dentistry background and an unwavering passion for medical clinic management. With extensive experience in dental practice and a deep understanding of healthcare operations, Mr.Ioanid has seamlessly transitioned into the realm of medical clinic management, bringing his unique expertise to streamline and optimize healthcare facilities.


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